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Luck, wealth, and implications for policy

I love it when economists chime in about luck. The great Richard Posner recently wrote about Luck, Wealth and the Implications for Policy here. Money quote:   I think that ultimately everything is attributable to luck, good or bad. Not just the obvious things, like IQ, genes that predipose to health or sickliness, the historical era and the country Read More

Yes, I Lied: Why Web Design is Important

As you can plainly tell from this website, I’m not a web designer. I’ll never be one. That’s why I’ve finally hired a real web designer, Natalie McGuire, after months of looking for one. It’s not just that first impressions count—and they do. When we subconsciously formulate a first impression of someone else, which I Read More

The Easiest/Hardest Way to Become a Great Boss

I’m interviewing people for an article right now, and stumbled upon a cluster of similar answers to the question: How do you hire someone for a position if you don’t have that skill set? Bosses who were successful—their companies were afloat, had grown considerably (over 100 employees), and, most importantly, whose original employees were still Read More


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