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Luck, wealth, and implications for policy

I love it when economists chime in about luck. The great Richard Posner recently wrote about Luck, Wealth and the Implications for Policy here. Money quote:


I think that ultimately everything is attributable to luck, good or bad. Not just the obvious things, like IQ, genes that predipose to health or sickliness, the historical era and the country in which one is born, the wealth of one’s parents, whom one happens to meet at critical stages of one’s life and career, one’s height and looks and temperament, to the extent genetic, and one’s innate propensity to risk or caution

Yes, I Lied: Why Web Design is Important

As you can plainly tell from this website, I’m not a web designer. I’ll never be one. That’s why I’ve finally hired a real web designer, Natalie McGuire, after months of looking for one.

It’s not just that first impressions count—and they do. When we subconsciously formulate a first impression of someone else, which I previously wrote about, we’re using the posterior cingular cortex, the same part of the brain that’s involved in setting a price and establishing value to something. We’re also using the amygdala, that part of the brain responsible for fear, controlling and moderating our

The Easiest/Hardest Way to Become a Great Boss

I’m interviewing people for an article right now, and stumbled upon a cluster of similar answers to the question: How do you hire someone for a position if you don’t have that skill set?

Bosses who were successful—their companies were afloat, had grown considerably (over 100 employees), and, most importantly, whose original employees were still working for them, had one thing in common, when they were bootstrapping:

Yes, for a brief time, they actually did the jobs that they’re now managing. One person did logistics, HR, marketing, administrative work.

I’ve had amazing work experiences and shitty ones, and one of

Before you tell people to leap, consider how many safety nets you have

I know a successful entrepreneur who was given a house when he was 25, sold it, and was able to live off of the $250,000 for the next five years, while his company became profitable. A little while later, his grandmother gave him a condo downtown. Because of his grandfather and father’s successful businesses, obtaining money–whether cash or access to a substantial amount of credit–has never been an issue.

His suggestions, like those of so many other self-help or entrepreneurial gurus, consist of the following: the only thing standing between you and success are your mental blocks. If you really

Can we please finally stop putting our energy into SEO? Please?

Will Apple’s Siri be the end of local SEO, as predicted by a recent article in Entrepreneur? I’ve always thought of investing in SEO, rather than quality content, as a rather short-sighted tactic for both small and large businesses.

Let’s take it to the extreme to show why: on one hand, you have Associated Content, the Yahoo-driven pantheon of “articles-seemingly-written-by-drunk-middle-schoolers.” On the other extreme, you’ve got Google. They both started as simple search engines, but now their business models are the real-life equivalent of Yahoo’s Wile E. Coyote trying to outsmart Google’s the Road Runner through any means

Ready to get lucky?

Joan Didion

To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves—there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.

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