The Science of Luck: now on Psychology Today

I’m so proud that Psychology Today magazine has asked me to join their roster of bloggers! Starting today, The Science of Luck will be on the Psychology Today blog network. I’ll repost some of those entries here, and will use this space to discuss other topics.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Am I a little embarrassed that it took me to long to read Thinking, Fast and Slow? Yes, yes I am. My excuse is that I savored this book over the course of several months, reading it, bit by bit, taking notes and trying to fully ingest each insight. I can’t recommend this book enough […]

How to read more in 2013: Less Flow, More Stock

I was half-expecting Jeff Ryan’s recent article in Slate on how he read a book a day in 2012 to be somewhat self-congratulatory. Fortunately, it wasn’t. It actually made me feel like even I might be capable of pulling off such a feat. Here’s the money quote:

Why do child prodigies fail to live up to expectations?

Last week at a dinner party, everyone realized they had one thing in common: when we were young, people had predicted great things for us. And then… we’d petered out, only to become normal, disappointing adults. Why? We can pick up a few clues from How Children Succeed by Paul Tough: Being praised for effort […]

How to Get Great Recommendations

Almost six years ago, I was a staff writer for Seattle Weekly, in charge of a books column, features and music reviews. The amount of music we received, the number of shows we could cover, and the amount of great music out there was (and still is) absolutely overwhelming. How on earth could you possibly […]


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