My Book

It’s official–I have a book coming out in 2018! Which means that if you’re reading this, I’m working on the book, like, right now.

As an occasional book reviewer and former book review editor, I couldn’t be happier that I’m being published by Penguin. I’m represented by the amazing Laurie Abkemeier at DeFiore and Co.

How, you may ask, does one quantify luck? I’m interested in the quirks that cause us to choose one person over another to hire, date, or stand behind in line at the grocery store. Why some people seem to have an advantage in job interviews, elections, contests, and art shows. If there’s anything to the idea that timing is everything. How we can put ourselves in the right time at the right place. What mental processes are at work when we decide to message one person on OkCupid over another. How some people wind up getting the best ideas with seemingly minimal effort.

In short, I’ve spent the past four years researching how to improve every aspect of life with the least amount of effort—how to simultaneously maximize your awesomeness and laziness—and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Announcement of my book deal in Publishers Marketplace.