Side Hustle

Currently reading: Side Hustle by the great Chris Guillebeau. I’ve always been pretty thrifty and disciplined about money in order to support myself as a writer. But I’ve recently started looking at things differently: there’s a limit to how much you can cut back on your spending, but there’s no ceiling on how much money Read More

The Sports Gene

  I haven’t posted what I’ve been reading for several months—okay, for this entire year—primarily because I’ve been immersing myself in plenty academic books, and I want to use this space to recommend books I can’t put down. As fascinating as I found it, I’m not going to recommend The Social Psychology of Power to anyone Read More

Mindless Eating

Have you ever woken up and realized that what you lovingly refer to as “your fat pants” are now just your normal, everyday pants? Have you ever declined to be weighed at the doctor’s office? Do you notice that sucking in your belly doesn’t really do anything anymore? Have you ever seen a photo of Read More

How Children Succeed

I just finished reading How Children Succeed by Paul Tough and can’t recommend it enough. Tough delves into the world of visionary educators who are getting results, how class and economic status influence a child’s chance of success, and how our current education system is largely failing us. The title is slightly misleading, because what Tough Read More


I’m currently reading Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb for a forthcoming book review. As always, I’m floored by Taleb’s erudition and mastery of so many complex topics.

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