Chip Heath and Gretchen Rubin

What a day!

I recently finished collaborating with Chip Heath, coauthor of Switch and Made to Stick. Next year is Hilton’s centennial, and Chip and I just spent several months researching the company to write The Hilton Effect together. It was exciting to learn so much about its history and impact on the hospitality industry.

Why has the brand been so successful? Social psychology came to the rescue with a compelling explanation. Travel is infinitely beneficial: it expands our worldview and self-efficacy, increases our cognitive flexibility, and can make us happier by giving us more memories and peak moments. But it’s also tiring. It’s exhausting having to constantly figure out what to do, which is why having extra comforts in your hotel room is so key.

I was also interviewed for Gretchen Rubin’s excellent website! We share a favored quote:

“One coin won’t make you rich, but the only way to get rich is by collecting coins.”