Want to learn the fine art of number translation?

Why aren’t your clients and customers getting it? Why isn’t everyone funding your startup, your research, your lemonade stand? You have cold, hard data: 200 square kilometers. 4% compounded quarterly. $1.96 billion. A 14.5% increase. This meeting is a waste of time. Maybe you’ve printed up a few bar graphs or infographics. You’ve rounded to a cleaner number. You’ve even been repeating yourself.

Numbers are a foreign language to everyone—and they need to be translated.

Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel or running focus groups, save time. Work with me. After all, there’s a guidebook for that, and I wrote it.

Repeat: I actually wrote the book on this topic.

My journey teaching people to get excited about numbers actually began over 15 years ago, teaching math and science in middle school in New Orleans as a Teach For America corps member. I love teaching and mentoring, and see it as the natural complement to research and writing.

I’ve worked with:

  • Financial planners to help clients understand their value and retain customers
  • Small business groups, entrepreneurs, and marketing departments to perfect their messaging
  • Nonprofits to increase fundraising efficiency
  • Sales teams to develop a framework for new client pitches
  • Political messaging analysts to work on slogans
  • Teachers, researchers, writers, and scientists: my people

You’ll get a master class on how to translate numbers.

We’ll understand your audience’s frame of reference, analyze the messaging pain points, and develop number translations to make your message obvious.