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Hey, I’m Karla. My specialty is translating Super Nerdy Gibberish into Clear and Helpful Messages.


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Math is a language used to communicate with precision—but at best, it’s everyone’s second language. A very, very distant second. Here’s the guide book you didn’t even realize that you needed: a way to translate data, numbers, and statistics into a universally-friendly format.


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How can we plan for the future despite life’s uncertainties?

What’s the one neat trick that will supercharge your organization’s communication skills?

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Years of teaching others the soft side of hard science—how we use numbers and data to clarify reality—has helped me understand how much numbers can mislead us.

Me in a nutshell

I’m an award-winning science/business writer with a background in behavioral science that spans psychology, sociology, system dynamics, and information design. I’m currently working on a book about how to get things done while having a life: Unstoppable Momentum: The Art of Sustainable Productivity.

My specialty is translating Super Nerdy Gibberish to Something Helpful and Easy to Understand.