How to Choose a Photographer


How to choose a photographer, or decide between a few things. My magical plan:


This guy should just ask his wife what fruit to get. Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lia Bravo via Compfight


  1. Put a quick ad on Craigslist seeking a photographer for a quick portrait session.
  2. Within a day, get three pages of responses:
  3. Ask your significant other to help narrow the list down.
  4. Receive the list of “approved photographers” from your S.O.
  5. Check out the chosen photographers’ websites.
  6. Suddenly realize exactly why you do/don’t like them, and what you want in a photographer.
  7. Return to original list (see #2) and contact the two that you like.

This is a little like the old trick of flipping a coin if you can’t decide: when the coin is in the air, your instinct overrides the more deliberate part of your mind and manages to make a decision quickly. Likewise, when you’ve eliminated 90% of the options and start to miss certain features–that’s your clue about what the important characteristics are. My way, of course, helps narrow down decisions with 50 potential outcomes *and* gets my partner in the decision-making process. Win-win!

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