If not today, when are you going to have time to work that project?

Think about the next thing you really want to do: finalizing your divorce, working on your fitness, starting a new business, saving for retirement, moving abroad, reading/writing that book, reconnecting with friends, teaching your kids Spanish, learning a new skill, getting sober, taking that class, developing a meditation practice, blogging…

If you don’t have time today to make any progress towards that goal, when are you going to have time?


This sounds harsh, I know. But after a year of dealing with Covid, studying time, and living, the value of today is now crystal clear. All we have is today.

Today is busy because life is busy. Even when you get into the habit of saying “no,” things have a way of popping up: the dishwasher needs to get fixed; traffic sucks; you have to listen to the new episode of your favorite podcast, dinner is taking a long time to cook; the meeting ran long; you need to do laundry.

That magical extra hour in the day to do any of these things will never exist. You simply have to make time for it.

If not today, when are you going to make progress? Never.

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