Lordy lordy, look who’s becoming an author

I have a book deal!! Yes, I’ve already posted it elsewhere, but you’re allowed to repeat yourself when it’s a dream you’ve worked really hard to achieve.

My editor at Portfolio/Penguin is Maria Gagliano, who was also the editor of fellow Portlander/personal hero Chris Guillebeau’s first book The Art of Non-Conformity. Because Portfolio is a business imprint and my book is a work of popular psychology, I’ve been analyzing books by Dan Pink and the Heath brothers just to see how they perfect that mix of readability and prescription. Because of all of my analyzing, I’m confident that I have the ability to write a perfectly good knock-off.

To recap, here’s how you get a book deal with Portfolio:

  • Write a book proposal
  • Get an agent
  • Have your agent sell the proposal

How you actually write 300 pages in 330 days, on the other hand, is something that I have yet to find out.