My Favorite Explanations on the Internet

The Mental Load

In families, teams, and couples, a common dynamic is the one where someone says, “I asked if you needed any help!” without realizing the implied burden. Here’s why: “You Should Have Asked.”

Why that woman is snapping at you for your one gentle plea for attention: “Every woman is an ATM for attention.”

Expertise and Knowledge

Why people with PhDs often think they know everything, when in fact they know so very little: “An Illustrated Guide to a PhD.”

Why it’s so easy for well-intentioned, well-read amateurs to overestimate how much they know about a topic.

Why the most privileged people are unaware of their privilege.

Why everything takes longer than you think it’s going to take: “On the Fractal Nature of Effort Estimates.”

How people can get stuck in a dysfunctional relationship or toxic environment for so long: “How to Keep Someone With You Forever: Sick Systems.”

A Pretty Good Model of Perfectionism