After years of researching how to best act despite life's inherent randomness, I'm excited to share and discuss these ideas with groups, classes, and organizations.

Speaking Topics

Why Some People Have All the Luck

What are the habits and personality traits of mentally tough people who wind up winning, becoming lucky, and breaking out? Why are these harder to develop for some people, and how can organizations foster these characteristics in everyone?

Developing Skills & Expertise

How can we get better at anything? Why are some groups of people at a disadvantage for developing certain abilities? Learn about subtle cues that make a big difference in allowing everyone to flourish.

We Are All Wrong

What if everyone and everything you knew was wrong? Why is it harder to learn some information—even when it might be beneficial? Maximizing good outcomes requires an openness to new information and perspectives. It means a readiness to learn, even when you're sure that you're right.

Equal Opportunity

The way we hire, choose, and promote people involves a lot of luck that arbitrarily favors some groups. We often don't even realize that we're doing this, or what kind of an impact it can have. Why do we do this, and how can we break these patterns?

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