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The world is random. Now what?

Luck is what we call success when we can’t see all of the factors that go into it; it looks sudden and random.

To improve our life outcomes despite the world's randomness, we should actually overlook most of the unknown and uncontrollable (everything outside of ourselves) by focusing on the one thing we can control: ourselves. Unpredictable, uncontrollable things influence us in predictable, self-defeating ways that often escape our awareness. We are the true source of our life's patterns.

The best way we can successfully deal with the unknown is by building our own character strengths: our flexibility, empathy, confidence, self-control, curiosity, self-esteem, humility, persistence, belief in our ability to improve, and the ability to simply show up.

After applying the research to my own life, it's improved in every way possible. I'm unbelievably happy to be able to share what I've learned.

Hi, I’m Karla. Let's start here!

Ready to get lucky?

He who is brave is free.


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