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The world is random. Now what?

This entire ordeal started years ago, during the Great Recession, when I wanted to improve my life as efficiently as possible amidst all the randomness and chaos of the world. That's when I decided to study luck.

On one hand, I wanted to learn how to best situate myself amidst the uncontrollable, external factors influencing life and fortunes that I'd read about in books like The Black Swan or Outliers.

While those books acknowledged the role of randomness on success, they didn't offer much by way of actionable advice on what to do.

The world is random—knowing this, what's the best way to go about our business? Any kind of success requires an alignment between things that you can and can’t control: it takes luck.

The book I really needed didn’t exist, so I decided to write it. Seven years later, I've learned that unpredictable, uncontrollable things influence us in predictable, self-defeating ways. My life has since improved in every way possible, and I’m making it my mission to help others using what I’ve learned.

Hi, I’m Karla. Let's start here!

Ready to get lucky?

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