Turbocharge Your Agency’s Data Communication and Storytelling with AI

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In the competitive realms of advertising and communication, data doesn’t just support decisions—it tells stories. It can move us and wake us up.

Let’s say you have to write “At least 8 metric tons of plastics leak into the ocean.”

I’ll teach you how to write:

Every minute, one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean.

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.

I’m Karla Starr, co-author of the bestseller Making Numbers Count alongside Chip Heath, renowned for Made to Stick. Our years of research and practical application have led to breakthrough methods in data communication. But now, I’ll teach you how to leverage AI tools to supercharge your data communication skills.

Learn About Data and AI Simultaneously

Forget the old days of laborious number-crunching, endless strategizing, and complex data visualization methods. Embrace AI and learn how to use cutting-edge tools to enhance your agency’s storytelling capabilities.

The Challenge: Navigating the AI Landscape

Understanding which tools to use and how to apply them is crucial. I’m here to guide you through this landscape, ensuring your team not only adopts AI but excels with it.

What I Offer:

  • AI-Powered Communication Workshops: From 90-minute introductions to full-day deep dives, my workshops are tailored to address your agency’s specific challenges. Transform how your team interacts with data and clients through AI-enhanced storytelling techniques.
  • Practical Frameworks: Utilize easy-to-remember methods that will make your data presentations not just understood but unforgettable. Propel your audience to action with data that speaks.
  • Custom Style Guides: I collaborate directly with brand and marketing directors to craft style guides that ensure consistency across all communications, simplifying complex interactions within diverse teams.
  • Ongoing Support: The learning doesn’t stop post-workshop. Benefit from virtual sessions, detailed video explanations, and direct follow-up calls to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation.
I’m Karla Starr, an award-winning science writer and the bestselling co-author of Making Numbers Count. A former data storytelling instructor at Section4 and a math teacher with Teach for America, I bring a wealth of educational and practical experience to every workshop and keynote presentation.

Real-World Applications:

  • Navigate complex spreadsheets under tight deadlines.
  • Overcome the daunting task of filling a blank PowerPoint with engaging content.
  • Elevate your quarterly reports from informative to inspiring.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Data Storytelling?

Empower your team to harness the power of AI in storytelling with tailored workshops designed to make complex data accessible and engaging. Let’s prepare your agency to not only keep up with the evolving landscape but to lead and innovate.

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Elevate your agency’s narrative power with AI-driven data storytelling today!