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Afraid that your clients or customers can’t understand how much value you’re adding?

Want to turn your presentation or report into something that’s TED worthy?

Want to get your team on the same page?

Let’s talk.

We’ve been thinking about numbers in the wrong way: they’re a foreign language—and need to be translated.

I wrote the guidebook for that with Chip Heath, coauthor of Switch and Made to Stick.1Do you want to know how much Chip charges for the MNC workshop? SAVE MONEY—HIRE A WOMAN.

My journey getting people excited about numbers began over 15 years ago, teaching math at a middle school in New Orleans as a Teach For America corps member. I love teaching and mentoring, and see it as the natural complement to research and writing.

I’ve worked with:

  • Strategists and management to craft messages that resonate between departments
  • Financial planners to discuss plans for clients
  • Small business groups and marketing departments to perfect their messaging
  • Entrepreneurs pitching VCs
  • Nonprofits to increase fundraising efficiency
  • Sales teams to explain their products’ superiority
  • Teachers, journalists, writers, and scientists

Option 1: The Talk

Book me for a presentation: you’ll get a master class on how to translate numbers.

Option 2: The Workshop

If you want a more in-depth lesson to learn the fine art of number translation, here you go. We’ll talk about your message and what kinds of numbers you want to communicate, and I’ll prepare a tailor-made masterclass.

Option 3: The Conversation

Wish you could just have someone else do the work for you? (Or, at least, give you ongoing feedback?) Hire me on retainer, and get a guaranteed turnaround time for on-the-spot coaching and guidance.


This was a superb lecture with so many insights and useful material. Thank you!

-Student, section4

This lecture on numbers is twice as good as my grandmother’s apple pie!

-student, section4

Great energy, and GREAT sense of humor.

-participant at IVY