Transform Your Data Communication Strategy

I’m an award-winning science writer and the bestselling coauthor of Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers. (My writing and brainstorming partner, Chip Heath, also wrote Switch and Made to Stick.)

As the official data storytelling and communication instructor for Section4 (and a former middle school math teacher with Teach for America), I bring deep experience as a teacher to:

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Data Communication Workshops

After developing the book at Stanford Business School, I’ve spent the past several years adapting the material for countless audiences.

My workshops are designed to teach your team how to communicate complex data in an engaging, understandable, and actionable way.

  • Learn a 4-part framework. Straightforward steps designed to make your data sing: Simplify, Clarify, Captivate, and Motivate
  • Receive customized training. 90-minute to full-day sessions, tailored to solve your group’s specific problems.1(Imagine if your entire team got a personalized Cliff Notes version of Making Numbers Count!)
  • Style guides. Integrated with brand and marketing documentation, for consistency on all of your future numbers-related messaging
  • Ongoing support. Follow-up virtual sessions and email assistance

Learn how much fun numbers can be. Upgrade how you your data communication strategy. Get everyone on the same page. Remove communication bottlenecks. Save time and money. Book a workshop. Make your numbers count.

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Absolutely superb. We had a blast while saving an untold number of hours, getting solutions we didn’t realize that we needed.

Nigel Glennie, SVP of Global Communications, Ecolab

Every organization needs this workshop. Helpful doesn’t begin to cover it…


Fantastic—I couldn’t believe how many insights were packed in.


I’ve helped:

  • Strategists and management to craft messages that resonate between departments
  • Financial planners to discuss plans for clients
  • Ad agencies
  • Small business groups and marketing mavens to perfect their messaging
  • Entrepreneurs pitching VCs and investors
  • Nonprofits to help raise money
  • Sales teams
  • Teachers, journalists, writers, and scientists

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