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I started getting people excited about numbers nearly 20 years ago, teaching math at a middle school in New Orleans with Teach For America. As an award-winning science writer, I’ve been working at the intersection of language and numbers for decades.

Armed with that knowledge, I wrote Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers with Chip Heath, coauthor of Switch and Made to Stick.

Today, I’m the official data storytelling and communication teacher for Section4, the MasterClass of business education.



Inspired by my highly-rated class at Section4.


Do you have a report, presentation, or paper? Pressed for time? I’ll do the heavy lifting.


Want me to give you ongoing guidance? Or maybe you just need to pick my brain for an hour… if so, pick a time.

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I work with:

  • Strategists and management to craft messages that resonate between departments
  • Financial planners to discuss plans for clients
  • Small business groups and marketing departments to perfect their messaging
  • Entrepreneurs pitching VCs
  • Nonprofits to increase fundraising efficiency
  • Sales teams
  • Teachers, journalists, writers, and scientists

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This was a superb lecture with so many insights and useful material. Thank you!

-Student, section4

This lecture on numbers is twice as good as my grandmother’s apple pie!

-student, section4

Great energy, and GREAT sense of humor.

-participant at IVY

Fantastic—I couldn’t believe how many insights were packed in.

-Karen p., australian research Society