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I’ve written for O, The Atlantic, Slate, Popular Science, the Guardian, and the Los Angeles Times, and appeared on CBS Sunday Morning as an expert on luck. The recipient of a Best Science/Health award from the Society of Professional Journalists, I live in New York and spend an inordinate amount of time lifting heavy things.

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When I wanted to improve my life as efficiently as possible, I decided to study luck—but the book I needed didn’t exist.

Without having any idea what I was in for, I decided to write it. Seven years later, my life has improved in every way possible. 

Now, I’m making it my mission to help others using what I’ve learned.

Unpredictable, uncontrollable things in life influence us in predictable, self-defeating ways. None of this makes sense without understanding a few things about the brain: we love certainty and hate to be wrong. But being open to new information is exactly what’s needed for luck. 

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