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Are things really easier for other people?

A huge theme in my book is how easy it is for people to give up prematurely. Not even trying something, or giving up, is probably the easiest thing in the world to do. When we get an idea of how much or what we have to accomplish to get to where we want to go, the things that stick Read More

In the real world: Can You Learn to Be Lucky

What a great week! My book was featured in this roundup of new books in Bustle. The awesome Eric Spitznagel in Vice interviewed me! Fast Company published an excerpt of my book, explaining why your first impression of other people is often wrong. put out a few of my tips on being lucky. Business Insider published this piece about Read More

In the wild

A friend just emailed to say that he received a copy of my book in the mail! Which means: other people who are neither me nor my family can see it! My book has officially been published! Click here if you want to read the Cliff Notes version of its journey on Facebook. So far, it’s been called “charming” by Read More


The Book

"Do you believe in luck?" is a polarizing question. It is a fact about the world's randomness or just an excuse? Things beyond our control do exist, and unlucky outcomes often unknowingly influence our behavior in self-defeating ways. How can we best act despite the world's randomness?

Chip Heath

“I don’t know when I’ve been so wowed by a new author. Karla Starr explains how “lucky” can be learned using ​credible social science ​and ​captivating stories, ​leavened with keen humor that had me laughing on a plane (apologies to the guy in 6A!).”
—Chip Heath, co-author of The Power of Moments and Switch



If you’re looking to improve outcomes for yourself or your organization, I can help get you there.




  • What traits lead to luck
  • How do lucky discoveries happen?
  • Picking leaders and employees
  • Creating equal opportunity for luck

Ready to get lucky?

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Can You Learn to be Lucky: Why Some People Seem to Win More Often Than Others by Karla Starr

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