Crafting Clarity from Complexity

Hey! I’m Karla.

I translate nerdy gibberish into clear messages, streamline operations, and teach how to use AI to turbocharge data communication skills.

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Math is a language used to communicate with precision—but at best, it’s everyone’s second language. A very, very distant second. Here’s the guide book you didn’t even realize that you needed: a way to translate data, numbers, and statistics into a universally-friendly format.


What’s the one neat trick that will supercharge your organization’s communication skills?

How can we better understand the meaning of data—like the difference between objective and subjective?

How can we plan for the future despite life’s uncertainties?

Selected Articles

Years of teaching the soft side of hard science (how we use numbers and data to explain reality) has shown me when numbers mislead us, and when they’re worth listening to.

My work and interests straddle the boundaries between abstract reasoning and concrete experience—when the study of psychology meets the stories behind real life.

Me in a nutshell

I’m an award-winning science/business writer with a transdisciplinary background in behavioral science, system dynamics, cultural history, and information design.

I’m currently working on a book about leading groups of people who disagree: Soft Skills for the Apocalypse: How to Be a Leader in a Post-Truth World.