Embracing the AI-Powered Workplace

Harnessing Data, Play, and AI to
Enhance Joy and Engagement

AIs AI your ally or your enemy? Inspired by its efficiency and potential, this workshop will help employees embrace an exciting new reality: AI can outsource much of the grunt work we dread, allowing us more time to engage in the creative, fulfilling tasks we love. This workshop will demystify AI and show you how to turn it into your digital assistant. Outsource repetitive tasks, turbocharge data communication skills, and boost workplace engagement. Join these two thought leaders and discover the future of work.

Part 1: AI-Powered Data Wizardry

How do you feel when you see the letters “AI”? Anxiety? Fear? Excitement? Confusion over whether it’s going to replace your job or help you? Do you hear the soundtrack to The Terminator? Because of countless misconceptions—and the dread of already being behind the curve—many are avoiding it entirely.

Before embracing AI, Karla Starr’s signature data storytelling workshop—based on her bestseller, Making Numbers Count—took all day. Now, she can teach your team how to outsource most of the grunt work and have fun. The trick to transforming your team’s communication skills? You’ve got to know how to use the tools.

This session introduces participants to the essentials of using AI, through the lens of data communication and visualization. No experience required. Attendees will learn how to leverage AI tools to automatically extract key insights and communicate them effectively. The focus will be on simplifying complex data processes, enhancing accuracy, and crafting compelling data stories that resonate with all stakeholders.

Part 2: AI-Powered Fun & Collaboration

Explore the lighter side of AI in this innovative session that aims to boost workplace morale and productivity by introducing gamification techniques to make work more engaging, less daunting, and more enjoyable.

  • Leverage AI for Efficiency: Learn how to delegate routine tasks to AI, freeing up time for more impactful, enjoyable work that fosters a sense of flow and fulfillment.
  • Gamify the Experience: Use AI-driven gamification techniques to make learning about AI fun, engaging, and impactful, boosting creativity and teamwork.
  • Your Next Brainstorming Buddy: View AI as a collaborative partner, rather than just a tool. This session focuses on AI-powered platforms that facilitate brainstorming, idea management, and project planning. Break down communication barriers and foster a culture of innovation and openness.


Karla Starr: A beacon in the realm of data communication, Karla’s work has illuminated paths for many, from TEDx stages to corporate workshops. Her books, including “Making Numbers Count,” co-authored with Chip Heath, have been acclaimed for transforming the way we perceive data. As a former math teacher and a voice celebrated on platforms like NPR and BBC, Karla’s mission is to make data resonate on a human level.

Jeff Harry: Bringing play into the workplace, Jeff has revolutionized the corporate environment for giants like Google and Adobe. His upcoming book on positive psychology aims to subtract the dread from workdays. Recognized as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers, Jeff’s work has been featured in major publications, highlighting his approach to curing workplace toxicity with play.

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How customizable is the content of the workshop to address specific challenges or goals within our organization? Are there opportunities for participants to bring in their own data or workplace scenarios for a more tailored learning experience?

YES! The workshop is fully customizable. After teaching data communications to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tiny non-profits for years, I have a full set of modules ready to work directly with your group’s data. This is available in the package.

What methods or techniques will you employ during the workshop to ensure high levels of engagement from all participants, especially in a virtual setting? How do you plan to keep the energy levels up and ensure that the concepts are being absorbed and can be practically applied?

In virtual settings, a meeting assistant will be on the Zoom call to monitor the chat function. I monitor each room during breakout sessions to answer individual questions. For introverts and workers who prefer more time, the deluxe package gives workshop participants the option of scheduling individual follow-up sessions.

Beyond the post-event follow-ups mentioned, what additional support or resources are available to ensure the long-term implementation of the strategies discussed during the data storytelling workshop? Do you offer ongoing consulting or access to further learning materials?

Yes! Each organization will receive access to a private, password-protected webpage, with links to the workbook and additional learning materials: PDFs of academic articles, links to helpful websites, and ChatGPT prompts to turbo-charge your data communication skills.

Standard Package – $30,000:

  • Pre-event consultations to tailor the workshop
  • 90-minute Data Workshop with Karla Starr (includes printed copies of bespoke workbook)
  • 60-minute Play Workshop with Jeff Harry
  • A joint breakout session, combining Karla’s data insights with Jeff’s play strategies for an immersive learning experience

Premium Package – $35,000:

  • Includes everything in the Standard Package, plus:
  • Exclusive access to a private webpage with additional resources.
  • Two post-event consultations for enhanced strategy application
  • Making Numbers Count signed book giveaway