For Rent: My Brain

Hello! I’m Karla Starr, a Creative Communications Strategist. An author. A smart, motivated human who likes to make stuff. A transdisciplinary thinker and multimedia doer who excels when venturing into unknown territory.

My last gig was a three-year stint writing and working alongside Chip Heath, Stanford marketing professor and four-time New York Times bestseller. Together, we wrote Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers. Chip taught me everything there is to know about thought leadership, marketing, and strategy.1I started writing and interviewing and editing in 2004. An editor. 2007-ish: I started writing about technology and behavioral science (which I studied in college). 2008: Moved to Buenos Aires for two years; learned Spanish. Researched a book proposal; got my behavioral science research chops. 2010: Returned to the U.S. Worked at an ad agency. Project management. Narrative design. Creative direction. All the things. 2010s: Wrote book #1. Spent 7 years learning about: developing a framework, conducting in-depth research, and what does (and doesn’t) work for marketing a book.

Now, I can turn rambling ideas into thought leadership content strategy: a captivating framework, a deck2And yes I will design it, a content calendar, and an outreach program. We’ll get analytics along the way and optimize at every turn.

I bring a unique blend of analytical rigor and flair to every project. I can turn boring data and corporate objectives into compelling narratives that captivate and inform.

Why Partner with Me?

  • Award-Winning Expertise: As an author recognized by the World Economic Forum and Fast Company, I’ve mastered the art of crafting engaging stories from dry data, boring research, and plain old numbers.
  • Research-Driven Insights: With a background in psychology and philosophy and an obsession with Google Scholar, I can add legitimacy (behavioral science heft) to any message.3Mayer, Roger C., James H. Davis, and F. David Schoorman. “An Integrative Model of Organizational Trust.” Academy of Management Review 20, no. 3 (1995): 709-734. Link.
  • Strategic Storytelling: Who do you want to reach? What’s your overall goal? The way you craft the message needs to fit the format. White papers, keynote speeches, or comprehensive blog posts.
  • Visual and Data Communication: I don’t do ugly. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of data, I’ll craft visually appealing and analytically rigorous content.

Collaborations That Count

I’ve partnered with leading brands like Hilton, Square, and Ecolab, contributing to projects that enhance brand visibility and audience engagement.

  • Thought Leadership Development: Position your leaders as industry experts through tailored content that speaks directly to your biggest challenges and opportunities.
  • Strategic Content Creation: From in-depth white papers that explore industry trends to engaging blog posts that connect with your audience, my content is always on-brand and on-point.
  • Presentation Design and Coaching: As an industry leader and keynote speaker, I can give you the TED curriculum on storytelling.
  • Framework and Strategy Workshops: I’ve taught hundreds people how to craft effective communication strategies, using the latest insights from behavioral science and data analysis.

Above, plus ongoing support:

  • Monthly editorial calendar development
  • Ghostwriting or editing of blog posts and articles
  • Presentation support, from storyboarding to slide design

  • One-on-one coaching to refine communication style
  • Help writing keynotes or major presentations
  • Feedback and refinement to elevate existing content

Ready to Elevate Your Narrative?

Let’s connect and discuss how to elevate your content strategy.

Reach out at or visit my LinkedIn to connect.