Want a great book to read this summer? Learn to be lucky!

Can You Learn to be Lucky?

I’m so happy that Inc.’s contributing editor Jeff Haden has included Can You Learn to Be Lucky? Why Some People Seem to Win More Often Than Others in his roundup of “5 Great New Business Books to Read This Summer.”

I’ve talked to a lot of incredibly successful people. They all credit luck for at least part of their success. Yet when they do, I often think, “Wait… that wasn’t luck. You put yourself in that position.” Or, “You worked hard to build those connections.” Or, “You got that break because you refused to quit.”

You get the point. Total luck sometimes happens, but more often people get “lucky” because of things they did.

Using a blend of research and cool stories, Karla shows we can all learn to be a little luckier.

And that’s a skill we all can use.

Consider the nail squarely hit on the head: we can’t control every external variable in life—if our résumé was picked, if the other person thought the date went well, where we went to grammar school, or if we were given a subpar piece of equipment on game day. Actually, we can’t control anything beyond ourselves.

That’s why it’s how we habitually respond to the world and what we do while there that winds up determining our overall trajectory and who ends up breaking through.

Thank you, Jeff!!