My Favorite Things on the Internet

Online Reading 📖

Farnam Street – I had “10 Principles to Live an Antifragile Life” on my office door for years.

The Art of Noticing – Trust me, you need more Rob Walker in your life.

Hacker News –  A news aggregator frequented by coders, tech-types, and the STEM-minded.

Metafilter – Remember the internet’s glory days, when it was populated by nerds who hand-coded their HTML pages, and the whole thing felt like a legitimate community? This group does.

Psyche – “A digital magazine that illuminates the human condition through psychology, philosophy and the arts.” Great source for short films. I’ll let the missing Oxford comma go.

People 🤗

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Anne Helen Petersen

Salman Ansari

Paras Chopra – Inverted Passion is endlessly interesting, always surprising.

Austin Kleon

David Perell

Venkatesh Rao1Right now, disciplines and fields are becoming so fractured, splintering knowledge, and preventing the kind of wisdom and synthesis we need to make discoveries and breakthroughs. Tomorrow’s thought leaders are going to be transdisciplinary—able to make connections between disciplines and connect the dots.

Derek Sivers

Your Creative Credo

Essays and essay collections

On Slow Writing

A list of great essays on life advice.

Arts and Letters Daily

The Public Domain Review

Dave Perell’s recommendations

Online Tools

Google Scholar

Pinboard – A social bookmarking site. If you want to find what others think of as interesting, go to You can also combine tags—to discover research tools, try

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